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Important tip to save money while maintaining a professional image and operational efficiency

atlanta virtual officeThe never ending battle of the budget is something every business owner large or small fights. It’s that tipping point that exists between being smart about operational expenditures and being unnecessarily reckless (or worse yet, dare I say it… CHEAP). There is a major difference between the two and often times the difference between success and failure is in finding just the right balance. One of the major expenses that small businesses have to pay attention to especially closely is the office lease. This post is going to touch on one suggestion that might just help some of you reach that delicate balance. That suggestion is getting a virtual office service instead of maintaining a full time office.

what is virtual office? Very simply it is a service that provides many normal business logistical tasks without the need to maintain a full time, physical office. Some of these tasks include answering phones, a business mailing address, business phone number, fax number, call forwarding and even the availability of as needed meeting room space. These solutions have been around for some time now and generally cost approximately $50-$100 per month depending upon provider.

For example, I needed a virtual office Philadelphia and the company I found offered a city address and all of the features mentioned above for just $99 per month. Now compare that with the approximately $1200 per month a traditional lease would have cost me. Not only would I have had to carry the lease I would have been burdened with the additional expenses that come with maintaining an offices. Things like receptionist salary, office supplies, insurance, utilities, etc… It adds up quickly. In my particular situation I just don’t have that many face to face meetings. I can do virtually everything I need via Skype. For the odd meeting here and there I make a call and I rent the meeting room for the time I need. It’s as easy as that.

If you want a quick video primer on Virtual Office Philadelphia check out this video:

If this seems like a solution that might work for your business situation I highly recommend you check out the guys at Find A Virtual Office . They really made finding what I needed very easy.

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