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Quick tips help you find back pain relief without prescriptions

Back pain relief is within reach without painkillers

simple tips to reduce back painIf you’ve visited a physician in search of back pain relief, they are likely able to do much for you beyond prescribing rest and pain killers. The article below contains some helpful tips that can help you alleviate an aching back.

Try a simple back stretch

Lay down on a relatively firm surface like a yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat handy a carpeted floor will do just fine. While keeping your back flat on the floor raise your knees so that your feet move towards your rear end. Grasp both knees and gently pull them towards your chest. You may find it difficult to bring them all the way to your chest while keeping your lower back on the floor. That’s perfectly normal if this is new for you, just don’t force it. The key is to maintain a strong base with a flat back. Over time your flexibility will improve until you can reach the fully stretched position. If you do some quick online research you can find many other types of easy stretches for the back. Most can be modified for your current level of flexibility.

Be deliberate with your movements

Many orthopedic experts attribute back injuries to poor posture and imbalance movements involving the back muscles. You can probably recall a time where the simple act of lifting a grocery bag from the car caused back pain. It would be overly optimistic to suggest using only strict movements and good posture 24/7 is possible or be certain to offer complete back pain relief. However, it can pay dividends to dedicate some effort to be cognizant of how you go about your daily routine.

Let’s use the grocery bag example as our test case. Most people will lean over without considering the angle of their back or body at all. The natural thing to do is just reach in and grab the bag. Unfortunately, this is also what we shouldn’t do. The proper way to lift objects of any weight is by using the legs. In this case that would mean squatting down to the level necessary to slide the bag without lifting to you. Once the item is close to the body with hands positioned properly to support the weight simply stand up.


back pain relief can be achieved by lifting heavy objects properly

It is just like doing a squat at the gym. This simple change will remove the strain from your back and position the load evenly over the legs.


Back Pain Relief Due To Poor Hydration

It is common knowledge that the body is approximately 60% water. Most of the body’s major systematic functions rely to some degree upon proper hydration. The spine is perhaps of the most water dependent systems in the human body. The discs between spinal vertebrae are almost 80% water. Healthy spinal discs are critical to maintaining back health. Think of them like a shock absorber on a car. If the shocks go bad the handling and ride of the car suffers. Discs with insufficient water volume can create the same impact within the human body. This causes the normal vertebrae spacing to be greatly reduced. This can cause pinched nerves and generalized pain.

The solution is simple. DRINK MORE WATER. Drinking more water is a simple and inexpensive lifestyle change. Your back will thank you as will the rest of your body.

Give it a try

Back discomfort can negatively impact your quality of life. However, you don’t have to suffer nor do you need to resort to a pharmaceutical treatment option.  Try to integrate the tips on this page when you find yourself dealing with back pain. You might just find the path to back pain relief was in front of you all along.